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SelectCode Challenges

Welcome to SelectCode, where we turn innovative ideas into startup realities and help companies achieve their IT and sustainability goals. Our team consists of 14 talented students committed to making a difference. Are you ready to be a part of us?

Forget about dry, whiteboard interviews or theoretical LeetCode questions. We prioritize a harmonious team fit, hands-on experience, critical thinking, and a structured problem-solving approach.

In this repository, you'll find a series of challenges designed to mirror the kind of work we do at SelectCode. Choose one (or more!) to showcase your skills and apply for a position with us.

How it works?

We have a number of micro challenges that require to solve a specific problem and a startup challenge that trains you how to build a complete MVP for a typical startup.

We focus on:

  • building smart challenges and solution, don't reinvent the wheel
  • real world problems - don't waste your time for overspecific problems
  • having freedom and be creative - create your own unique solutions

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